Why Should I Install Solar?

Why Should I Install Solar?

Whether you are a business or home owner before you decide to invest in solar, you should consider the following prior to installing a commercial or domestic solar system.

Why should I install solar?
Firstly it makes good financial sense. Consider this. If you had $5,000 in the bank at todays interest rates you will probably be lucky to make $100 in interest after tax based on a 2% interest rate. If you were to invest the same $5,000 in a premium quality 6.6 Kilowatt solar system, then you will save on average $1,800 per year in power based on using 80% of the power generated and exporting 20% to the electricity grid. This figure is higher for commercial premises. This represents an annual return on investment in excess of 30% with a payback of just under 3 years. Its not too hard to see which is a better investment.

Secondly provided that you install the correct sized system based on your available roof area it can make a significant difference to your power charges. Power costs have risen significantly over the last 20 years, in particular over the last four to five years. There is one thing you could probably guarantee they certainly won’t go down.

Finally add value to your home or business. Having a solar system in todays cleaner and greener world should increase the chances of attracting more potential buyers to your home or business should you decide to sell. It will also make it attractive as a rental property.

There are so many panels and inverters how do I know what to choose?
With the mountain of different solar panels on the market it can be quite a task selecting the right system. We have teamed up with a local Perth supplier for all of our solar equipment and have narrowed our supply chain down to four different types of panels and three different inverters. This allows us to keep our panel and inverter combinations to a minimum. We can advise you on the right system for your particular budget and circumstances.

What if my system stops working?
At Pelican Electrical services we are able to offer an after sales service to all of our installations and will be prompt to respond to your request and handle any warranty issue that may arise on your behalf.

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