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Electricity prices in Mandurah have risen a significant amount since 2008 for residential households and businesses. The trend is likely to continue as changing lifestyles demand more energy and power tariffs gradually increase. One suggestion is to reduce energy usage to lower electricity bills and manage costs.

A better alternative is to make the switch to renewable energy.

Given that prices for installing solar power in Mandurah are steadily declining and with electricity bills approaching record highs, it has never been a better time to invest in solar energy.

Switching to solar is an investment that ultimately pays for itself over time and is a valuable asset for your home. It’s why more families across Mandurah and the peel region are making the change to generate clean and affordable electricity for their homes. The good news is that the Government Solar Rebate and Renewable Energy Buyback schemes are still available.

Professional Solar Installers in Mandurah

Pelican Electrical Services is a well-established electrical contracting business located in Mandurah. In addition to the wide range of electrical services we offer, we also specialize in the supply and installation of solar systems for domestic and commercial use.

We offer a good range of solar panels in Mandurah WA to cater for most budgets. We use top quality inverters such as Aurora and SMA. We operate from Mandurah to Perth and everywhere in between. It is our goal to expand our reach and give homes and commercial facilities options for a cleaner and greener energy source.

We do not sell solar power systems just for the sake of making a sale. We design solar panel systems to meet your budget and reduce your ever-rising energy costs. We believe that our customers always come first. Our friendly staff will help you choose the right solar system for your needs.

If you choose Pelican Electrical Services as your solar supplier and installer, the process of installing solar panels in Mandurah homes and commercial facilities will be hassle-free from start to finish. We stand behind every installation we perform, which is why all systems carry extensive warranties and we offer after sales service if required.

Why not join the growing number of households and business owners switching to solar energy?

Install solar panels and add value to your home or business. Reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint. You can help keep the environment clean while taking away a huge chunk of your energy costs. Visit our Prices and Packages section for more information on the solar systems we offer or visit our electrical section to browse the electrical services we offer.

Browse our website and fill out the form available on this page for a free quote or call us on 0429689636.

We want to hear about your needs in detail. Call our team of solar installers in Mandurah and our representatives will be more than happy to assist.