Pelican Electrical Services is a solar power systems services provider in Perth, Western Australia. With years of vital and knowledgeable experience servicing this highly competitive market, we have managed to become more knowledgeable and successful than ever. With our resources and manpower in addition to our comprehensive knowledge about solar power systems, we are more than the premier provider for solar panels and solar power systems in Perth. With the utmost priority towards customer satisfaction, there is no obstacle we are not prepared to overcome in order to satisfy all of our clients’ solar power system related needs and wants.

On top of the extensive range of the best electrical services offered by our company, we also specialize in the supply and installation of solar systems for domestic and commercial use. Our highly qualified and proficient teams of installers and designers will go the extra mile to customize and supply you with the perfect solar power system for your establishment needs, anywhere from Mandurah to Perth. Our solar systems are designed to not only easily stay within your budget but to also significantly reduce your ever rising utility related costs. We consider your problem to be our problem and will try our very best to solve it.

We know that solar panels and generally solar power systems are fairly costly but in the long term, we can ensure you that it will prove to be an exceptional investment. With the installation of solar panels, it makes good financial sense as your utility costs are significantly reduced. Moreover, with the power costs going through the roof over the course of the last 20 years, even more so over the last half decade, you can undoubtedly count on the fact that they will keep on rising. With the help of our skilled and ever listening installers and designers, we can design and install for you a solar power system that will fit perfectly on the roof of your establishment and maximize the source of power received from the solar panel, paving the path for significant changes to your power charges.
And finally, perhaps one of the most important reason for installing solar power systems is the fact that this system, without a hint of doubt, will add great value to your home or business. Not only does your solar power system show that you promote a greener source of energy but it also provides you with a cleaner and purer source of energy. Even more so, it will be a great attraction as a rental property or if you do decide to sell your property as it shows that you care for the environment and that your establishment has a cleaner and purer source, one that not many establishments have.

If you have any worries about what will happen once your solar system in Perth is installed and suddenly stops working as efficiently as it did before, fear not as we here at Pelican Electrical Services offer an after sales service to all of our installations and will be prompt to respond to your request and handle any warranty issue that may arise on your behalf.

To draw to a close, Pelican Electrical Services is a great solar power systems services provider with years of great experience and service. Located in Perth, our adept teams of installers and designers are able to work with you in Mandurah and Perth, and anywhere in between, ensuring you get the best possible service available on offer. Be sure to call now and request a quote.