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Each year sees an increase in power prices and with more increases on the way there has never been a better time to invest in a solar system. Over the last 15 years we have seen significant advancements in solar technology coupled with a price decrease in panels and inverters that makes solar power more affordable than ever.

Pelican Electrical and Solar is an accredited Clean Energy Council installer which means you are choosing a solar system from a reliable company, who will stand by their work. Each of the solar systems we design and install use only quality international leading brands and are backed by long term warranties giving you peace of mind that your system will stand the test of time.

We offer affordable packages for residential and commercial clients, which are custom designed solar systems that include battery ready inverters.

Residential Solar Packages

At Pelican Electrical Services and Solar we have seen huge demand for solar systems and understand that different household have different budgets, which is why we have 6.6-KW systems starting from only $3599.

Our bill busting 6.6-KW system is designed using Tier one panels and leading international brand inverters that are all expertly installed by us and built to last. We also offer larger and custom designed solar systems for households

If you are not sure what’s the best solar package for your home and family contact us to arrange a free onsite quote or to have a chat.

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Commercial Solar Investment

Over the last 15 years we seen first-hand a rise in the cost of commercial power, which is why our foundation commercial solar system is a 20-KW package for an amazing starting price of $15,999

As well as our 20-KW system we also understand that power requirements vary from business to business and a one sized system doesn’t suit everyone, which is why we can design a custom system for your business or building. We will take the time to analyse your commercial power consumption and design a commercial solar system that suits your needs.

Benefits of commercial solar power

  • Claim full GST upfront on your purchase
  • Excellent return on investment
  • May qualify for an instant asset write-off
  • Some systems are eligible for Small-Scale Technology Certificates depending on size. Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STC’s) apply to commercial PV under 100-KW, while large-scale PV systems over 100-KW qualify for LGCs. This will make a significant contribution towards the purchase cost of commercial solar power panels.
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All major brands repaired and serviced

As good as the modern solar systems are, on occasions your solar PV system might require servicing, repairs or maintenance. Depending on your system you might notice a service or warning light, which may indicate an irregularity with your system. Other signs that your system might need repairing or servicing is your inverter turning off, and fluctuations in your power bill.

If you are noticing a fault for the first time we recommend switching off the system for 10 minutes and then allowing it to reboot. If your solar system keeps causing issues then it’s time to call Pelican Solar and Electrical

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Recent Completed Solar Installations

Customer testimonials


Peter was brilliant with answering my questions but not pushy at all. I ordered the system on the Friday, he was around in the Tuesday putting up brackets and wiring and returned on the Saturday to install the complete system.

Emily Ward

We recently had our solar system installed by Pelican Electrical and Solar. Right away from the first power bill we have seen a huge reduction in charges and really happy we got some honest advice about what system was best for our household.

  • 25+ years of experience
  • Serving Peel & Mandurah
  • Quality Leading Brands
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Pelican Electrical Services is a well-established electrical contracting business located in Mandurah. In addition to the wide range of electrical services we offer, we also specialise in the supply and installation of solar systems for domestic and commercial use.

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