Prices & Packages

Prices & Packages

Price and Packages

Prices and packages : grid connected systems

Please note that all quoted prices accross our range are after the Federal Government rebate and are based on the client being eligible for the solar credits scheme. Prices are also based on a standard installation on a single storey dwelling with good roof access. All prices are subject to a site confirmation. We offer three different types of packages: Economy, Premium and Ultra Premium. Our Economy packages consist of GCL solar panels and JFY inverters our Premium packages consist of Canadian Solar panels combined with Bosch inverters and our Ultra Premium package consists of a Sun Power panels and SMA inverters (German manufactured). Micro inverters are also available across our entire range. Micro inverters are very useful where part of the solar panel array may have shading for part of the day or the only possibly way you can fit a decent sized system is to mount the solar panels on different facing roof orientations. For example on a roof space limited by size, a 10 panel or a 2.5 Kw system could have 3 panels on the East roof, 3 on the West and 4 on the North facing roof. System upgrades and expansions are also available.

Please enquire about our no deposit finance that is available to approved applicants. Conditions apply.

Economy series

A cost effective alternative with JFY inverters and high output panels. These kits include a premium quality inverter from inverter manufacturer JFY, combined with rail and panels. The manufacturing facilities meet strict quality standards to deliver superior products. The panels come with a 10-year warranty as standard and offer exceptional value for money. Classic Kits Include – A-Grade 250 watt Multi-crystalline Solar Panels (GCL Solar) and a JFY inverter. Micro inverters are also available.

Premium Series

Quality kits drawing from a mix of the latest Bosch inverter technology and a proven panel brand. Premium kits include an inverter such as Bosch, Canadian Solar panels and rail. Canadian Solar is one the most experienced and established panel manufacturers in China. Canadian Solar uses an automated manufacturing process to ensure their solar panels consistently provide maximum output and yield for the production of solar power. Premium Kits Include – A-Grade 250 watt Multicrystalline Solar Panels (Canadian Solar) and a Bosch Inverter. Micro inverters are also available.


Ultra Premium Series

Top of the line kits with quality assurance and outputs backed by the latest German engineering. These kits include Sun Power solar panels a German inverter and rail. SMA inverters feature with German Engineered panels. SMA is a premium German manufacturer who are the largest producer of solar inverters in the world. All products in the ultra premium kits use a robotic manufacturing process for absolute precision and error free production to exacting standards. Ultra Premium Kits Include: – A-Grade 250 watt Americn made Multicrystalline Solar Panels (Sun Power) and a German Inverter (SMA). Micro inverters are also available.