How Perth Homeowners Can Benefit From Solar Panels

How Perth Homeowners Can Benefit From Solar Panels

The cost of electricity for most Australian households is set to double over the next four years. Recently released budget papers state that “approved increases” for electricity will be 7% a year from 2014 to 2017. This means that by 2017 the average Australian family will be paying $2,200 a year for electricity. That’s up from just over a $1,800 a year that most are currently paying.

However ever rising electricity bills are not inevitable for all Perth households. Solar panels are the smart way to take control over your energy costs and play your part in creating a sustainable future for Australia. Here we will look at some of the key advantages of having solar panels installed in your home.

Virtually Maintenance Free
One of the main concerns that people have about solar panels is that they will be complex to maintain. In fact solar panels are virtually maintenance free. Solar panels contain no moving parts and so there is little chance that they will break down. This means no actual maintenance of the panels of themselves is required apart from a clean from time to time.

“Lock in” Energy Costs Each year it seems that the price of gas and electricity rises. Having solar panels installed ensures that you will be protected against future price rises. Essentially you are locking in the cost of your power generation at the price that you pay for your solar panels now. Over the lifetime of your home that can equate to huge savings.

Increase The Value Of Your Home
Paying for electricity is usually a money that you will never recover. In contrast when you add solar panels to your home you are actually adding value to your property. Future buyers of your home will calculate the savings on their electricity bill when they are making an offer for your property making it more likely to sell than a similar home without solar panels.

Limit Air Pollution
Installing solar panels in Perth will not only help your household budget it will also help the planet as well. Even in a country as rich in mineral resources as Australia the supply is not endless. As oil, gas and natural gas become more scarce the extraction costs rise. In addition when fossil fuels are burned it releases particulate matter into the air. This can affect the environment by producing smog and in some cases posing a serious health risk to the residents.

Help Prevent Climate Change
Solar panel energy production has zero effect on the climate. When fossil fuels are burned greenhouse cases are produced. There is broad agreement that these gases are affecting our climate. Severe weather, flooding and hurricanes are all possible consequences of global warming. By having solar panels installed you are doing your part to support an Australia that generations to come will be able to enjoy.

Avoid The Necessity for More Power plants
Over the coming years the Australian economy will continue to grow and our population expand. One of the consequences of this will be an increasing demand for new power plants. Households that have solar panels installed can help to minimise the need for more power plants to be built.

Enjoy Energy Independence

Finally when you have solar panels installed you become partially energy independent. Being able to produce your own energy and limit the use of electricity from coal fired power stations means freedom from worrying how changes to the global economy might affect your standard of living. Perth homeowners who install solar panels are doing their part to ensure a better and more sustainable future for both their families and Australia.