Solar Power Systems In Perth

Pelican Electrical Services is a solar power systems services provider in Perth, Western Australia. With years of vital and knowledgeable experience servicing this highly competitive market, we have managed to become more knowledgeable and successful than ever. With our resources and manpower in addition to…Read More>>

Ac Vs Dc Electrical Solar Power Systems

Located in Perth, Western Australia, Pelican Electrical Services is a premier provider of solar power systems in Mandurah and Perth and anywhere in between. Our company has grown bigger than ever over the years but we have always managed to maintain close customer contact with…Read More>>

How Perth Homeowners Can Benefit From Solar Panels

The cost of electricity for most Australian households is set to double over the next four years. Recently released budget papers state that “approved increases” for electricity will be 7% a year from 2014 to 2017. This means that by 2017 the average Australian family…Read More>>