Battery Storage

Battery Storage

As feed-in tariffs are phased out and households receive far less for the solar electricity they put into the grid and electricity prices remain high (particularly at peak times), solar PV systems with added battery storage will become the most economical solution to provide electricity.

Together with rooftop solar, battery storage presents an opportunity for Australian households to use a much greater proportion of the solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity they generate and minimise the need to purchase expensive electricity from the grid.

Home battery systems can allow a household to store electricity from the grid when prices are lowest (during off-peak periods) and then rely on their battery for power (rather than the grid) during the most expensive peak time, thereby minimising their overall electricity cost

As battery costs continue to fall rapidly the uptake of battery storage is set to increase significantly.  In fact almost half of Australian households are predicted to have battery storage on the basis of a $10,000 battery system with a payback of 10 years. Here at Pelican electrical services not only are we able to tailor a complete home energy storage solution but can also fit batteries to existing systems. We also take care of all your solar repairs and servicing.

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