Located in Perth, Western Australia, Pelican Electrical Services is a premier provider of solar power systems in Mandurah and Perth and anywhere in between. Our company has grown bigger than ever over the years but we have always managed to maintain close customer contact with each and every single one of our clients. Our solar systems in will not only significantly reduce utility related costs but will also help provide you with a cleaner and purer source of energy. With regards to customer satisfaction, we will go out of our way to ensure that all of your solar related needs and wants are satisfied.

Our teams consist of installers and designers that are more than capable of designing, engineering and installing a perfect system for your home or business. We will make sure that we are always within your budget and provide a system that will be great for you and suit your needs. Our solar panels in Perth will not only help you significantly reduce your costs but also help reduce your carbon footprint, which as a result will prove vital in helping keep the environment clean. With only the use of top quality units, it is our goal to expand our reach and give homes and commercial facilities options for a cleaner and greener energy source.

There are two main types of solar power systems: AC AND DC SOLAR. AC Solar systems in Perth are a newer, more advanced solar product, proving to be more than a capable alternative to traditional central solar string inverters. Not only is this type of solar system both safe and flexible in terms of the system design and innovation, but it also is gaining  pace in the solar market. In simple terms, this system consists of a single inverter called a micro inverter which is connected to each panel that produces 240 volts AC on the roof, eliminating the need to run higher voltage DC cabling. After this process is completed, the panels are then connected together to produce the required output in kilowatts and the installation is done in such a manner that it takes away all the hassle that comes with traditional central solar string inverters. On top of that, Perth AC Solar has many advantages, including but not limited to the following:

  • Far safer than conventional systems. High voltage DC cable in roof is no longer needed
  • If a single panel or inverter fails or is party shaded it has no affect on the remaining system
  • Faster installation time and fewer parts required. No DC fuses or circuit breakers
  • No need to run earth wires to exposed metal railing and panels , unlike traditional systems
  • Longer manufactures warranties up to 25 years as opposed to 5 –10 for string inverters

For electrical services, we here at Pelican Electrical Services offer this great service for both domestic and commercial establishments. For Domestic service, a few of the services we provide are: energy efficient LED lighting, safety switches, bore and shed connections, electrical connections for air conditioning, additional phone outlets and even power and lighting points as well as surge protection.

In terms of the commercial service  we provide:  exit and emergency lighting, electrical connections for air conditioning, preventive maintenance and power and lighting repair and installation.

To wrap up, Pelican Electrical Services is a premier provider of solar power systems in Perth, Western Australia, as well as in Mandurah and neighboring suburbs. Our years of experience in servicing have enabled us to be very knowledgeable and provide our clients with the best possible solar power systems and repair solutions, while staying around the given budget. With our comprehensive array of services and great prices, we are simply at a level that no other company can match so be sure to call now to get the best possible deal for your solar power systems.