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With electricity prices increasing each year there has never been a better time to install solar power. We have systems for everyone’s budget, all using quality panels and inverters.

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Pelican Electrical and Solar

Proudly servicing Mandurah and the Peel Region for over 25 years.

Pelican Electrical Services and Solar is your local family owned and operated solar panel expert. We were one of the first companies in the Peel Region to offer solar power systems and have seen the technology evolve quickly, while the prices have been going down.

Our solar packages are designed for household of different sizes, with prices starting from $3599 for a premium 6.6-KW system. As well as our great value for money packages we can custom design a solar system for your home or business.

From the moment you install a new solar system you will start to save money and with additional options such as battery storage, solar is a fantastic all-round investment.

In addition to providing excellent value for money solar systems we can also assist with all of your residential and commercial electrical needs. From simple power points through to smoke alarm installs, safety switches and repairs and maintenance.

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If you are after an experienced and honest electrician we can help. The team at Pelican Electrical and Solar pride themselves on the quality of work performed, where we treat each job as if it was our own.


Pelican Solar and Electrical has vast experience in commercial electrical and works with clients from a range of industries. We can assist with all installations, maintenance, fit outs and even commercial solar system requirements.


From the moment you install solar panels your power costs will start to fall, and when you choose a quality company like Pelican Electrical and Solar you also have peace of mind that your solar system is matched to your household.


The average household emits approximately 20 metric tons of carbon pollution each year. By installing a solar system, a typical two-person household reduces their carbon emissions by three to four tons annually.


Not only does switching to solar energy offer immediate savings on your utility bill, it also provides peace of mind knowing that your power bills won’t fluctuate with unpredictable increases down the road.


With low energy bills and potential income from selling unused electricity back to the grid, the average WA household pays off its system in three to four years and can expect a 500% return on investment over 20 years.


Solar batteries allow you to store some of the electricity your panels produce during the day for use at night and will further reduce your reliance on the grid. When the batteries become a viable option, be a step ahead of the game by installing a battery ready system now.

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Customer testimonials


Peter was brilliant with answering my questions but not pushy at all. I ordered the system on the Friday, he was around in the Tuesday putting up brackets and wiring and returned on the Saturday to install the complete system.

Emily Ward

We recently had our solar system installed by Pelican Electrical and Solar. Right away from the first power bill we have seen a huge reduction in charges and really happy we got some honest advice about what system was best for our household.

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Pelican Electrical Services is a well-established electrical contracting business located in Mandurah. In addition to the wide range of electrical services we offer, we also specialise in the supply and installation of solar systems for domestic and commercial use.

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